Why Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?

If you want orthotics for your shoes, there are two ways you can go about getting them. You can go buy some orthotics in a pharmacy or shoe store. Or, you can go to a podiatrist and have custom orthotics made. In most cases, custom orthotics are worth the extra time and money they require. Here's why.

They offer support in just the right places.

Over-the-counter orthotics do come in multiple shapes and forms. For instance, you can buy ones with more padding in the heel and others with more padding in the arch. But there's not much variety as to how much padding they offer in these areas. You might need a little more heel lift than your friend, who also needs some heel lift, for example. When you have custom orthotics made, your podiatrist does not just determine where you need padding — they determine exactly how much padding you need in each area. This results in a better fit and more relief than you may get from OTC orthotics.

The two orthotics don't have to be made the same.

At a store, orthotics come in pairs, and both orthotic inserts in the pair are the same. But not everyone's feet are the same. You may need more lift in one heel than the other, or you may only need arch support for one foot. When you have custom orthotics made, your podiatrist measures and assesses each foot independently. This way, both feet get the support they need, even if the support they need is different. You won't end up with injuries or soreness because you attempted to make the same orthotics work for both feet.

They'll be custom-made for your shoes.

The orthotics sold in stores are made to be trimmed so you can fit them into your shoes. But even though you can trim them down in length, you can't do much about their width. They may be too wide for some shoes or too narrow for others. If you bring your podiatrist the shoes you plan on wearing your orthotics with, they can make sure the orthotics they design fit inside those shoes perfectly. This means less rubbing and no trimming!

While custom orthotics aren't cheap, they are worth the cost in the end. Whether you have sore arches, sore heels, or a serious foot ailment that needs to be addressed, custom orthotics are generally the way to go.

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