Preventative Foot Health Services For People Who Work On Their Feet

It is no secret that working on your feet, day in and day out, is hard on them. So many people who stand or walk all day end up with problems ranging from bunions to hammertoe. But these issues are not guaranteed! If you wear really good shoes and stand on a padded surface when possible, you will reduce the damage to your feet. You should also consider seeing a podiatrist from time to time. They offer a number of preventative health services that can help ward off ailments when you're working on your feet.

Custom Orthotics

There are lots of orthotics available over-the-counter for a low price. People often assume that buying these is better than buying nothing. Sometimes, that's true. But other times, wearing cheap, OTC orthotics can do more harm than good if you do not choose the right ones for your foot type. The wrong orthotics may cause you to stand on the wrong part of your foot, or they might make your shoes too tight, leading to blisters.

A podiatrist can make a mold of your foot, watch you walk, and evaluate your shoes. Then, they can make custom orthotics that fit your feet perfectly and help prevent the foot problems you're most prone to. These custom orthotics also tend to last a long while. You should only need a new pair every few years.

Nail Trimming

It might sound silly to have someone else trim your nails since you're entirely capable. However, the way your toenails are trimmed has a big impact on your risk of developing ingrown toenails, especially as someone who is on their feet all day. The nails need to be trimmed in a way that discourages them from growing down into your skin, even if your shoes are putting pressure on them. 

If you have your podiatrist trim your nails about once a year, then you will have a good shape to follow when you then trim your nails at home. And this gives your podiatrist a chance to catch any signs of ingrown toenails very early when they can easily ward them off with a proper trim.

Take care of your feet, and they will keep taking care of you — even when you're on them all day. Take advantage of these preventative foot care services, and don't be afraid to also ask your foot doctor for ways you can soothe achy, tired feet at home.

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