4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Feet As You Age

Taking good care of your feet is important as you age. Your feet may change shape and size slightly as you get older due to changes in your tendons, bones, and ligaments. This might make it difficult to find shoes that fit well. You might also develop medical conditions as you age, such as arthritis or diabetes, that affect your feet. Keeping your feet healthy and in good shape helps you stay active and reduces your daily aches and pains. Here are four tips for taking care of elderly feet.

1. Measure Your Feet Before Buying New Shoes

Since your feet may change when you get older, buy your shoes from a quality shoe store so you can have your feet measured for the best fit. Choose shoes that offer support and protection, and wear them inside as well as outdoors. Wearing sturdy shoes may also reduce the risk of falling, which could lead to serious health complications when you're older.

2. Get Orthotics From A Podiatrist If Needed

If you have difficulty finding shoes that fit well, or if you have a foot problem that makes it difficult to find shoes that don't hurt your toes or heels, see a podiatrist. You might need inserts for your shoes to make your feet comfortable enough to stay active all day. A foot doctor can even make custom orthotics if you need them because of a foot deformity due to arthritis or other condition.

3. Have Injuries And Infections Treated

Injuries can be more serious when you age because you may heal more slowly. See a podiatrist when you have foot pain rather than put up with the discomfort. Prompt treatment helps you stay active. If you have impaired circulation and loss of sensation in your feet due to a foot injury or fungal infection, make sure to see a podiatrist, otherwise, the condition may get worse without you being aware of how bad it is.

4. Keep Your Feet Moisturized And Clean

You may need advice from a podiatrist for proper foot care as you age. If you have problems with dehydration, your feet may have dry skin and develop heel cracks. This can make your feet sore and uncomfortable. A podiatrist can offer advice on keeping the skin on your feet healthy so you can ward off infections.

You may need to apply moisturizers, wear clean socks, and rotate your shoes to reduce the risk of infections. Keeping your toenails trimmed is also important so you don't cut your toes. If you need help trimming your toenails, consider having a pedicure. If you have circulation issues in your feet, go to a podiatrist for a toenail trim.

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