Why Repair Your Overlapping Toe With Cosmetic Toe Surgery?

An overlapping toe is often considered more of a cosmetic deformity than a medical one, but it's a condition all the same that should be given special attention by a podiatrist. As many as 7% of people have this condition, which affects both genders equally and sometimes occurs on both feet in the same toes.

Whether your overlapping toe condition causes you discomfort or just makes you uncomfortable, or you're just curious about what your repair options are, you should see a podiatrist to see if you can get cosmetic toe surgery to repair your condition. Learn what causes an overlapping toe and why you should have the condition treated. 

Causes of overlapping toes

Often, overlapping toes are simply genetic, and you may have more than one family member with a condition similar to yours. If it's not genetic, then an overlapping toe on one or both feet can be caused by wearing shoes that don't have the right-sized toe box for your feet to rest in. Your podiatrist can get a history of your feet before they recommend cosmetic toe surgery. They will do an X-ray to see how severe your condition is to see if correcting your overlapping toe is right for you.

Reasons to repair an overlapping toe

There are many reasons why you should consider repairing an overlapping toe with cosmetic toe surgery.

Your comfort levels will increase

On an emotional and personal level, having toes that are even and not overlapping will help you feel better about your feet. On a physical level, shoes may feel more comfortable, and you can feel more comfortable when walking or running with your overlapping toe in a correct placement.

Your foot health will improve

Your toes are an integral part of your foot health, and their placement is what lends to your being able to balance well. Toes help you walk well and run and do many things, so when you have an overlapping toe repaired, your foot is restored to the way it should be.

Your toes will be permanently repaired

If you've been trying to care for your overlapping toes with correcting agents, tape, and other means of straightening them out, then get this cosmetic toe surgery done on them. If the procedure is very successful, the results are permanent and allow you to fully appreciate your toes.

Your podiatrist will show you how cosmetic toe surgery works. You'll get a quote for their services at your consultation as well.

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